Sports-Bump-Belly-Jump… A rebound move for the dark days of marriage!


After 20 years of marriage, 2 kids, extended family drama, death of my mother,  remodels, debt, kid shuffle, and the ongoing ins-and-outs of the daily grind… we’ve found ourselves searching for spontaneity and a sense of connectedness as a couple and as a nuclear family.

There are days we look at each other and ponder “is there more to life?” We ask ourselves, “Is this marriage/family thing really what we signed up for?” Divorce rates are high. Kids are at risk in our community. It’s easy to spiral into a…

WAIT! Put the knife down, this story gets better, I promise!

Last night we met some family friends at the gym for a game of Wallyball.  OH-EMM-GEE!  Who knew that moving our butts, in a confined space with a loud echo, could provide celestial enjoyment for our entire family?!  We were a far cry from athletic, but in the process of missing the ball, jamming into the wall and flailing like noodles, we burned calories, laughed hysterically and reconnected in a life-giving way.

Our kids were fully engaged. They even encouraged each other through the blunders of the game. Upon winning one match, my husband and I did the “sports-jump-belly-bump” as a physical sign of our newfound passion for our home team.

In that hour, we improved our family morale and found ourselves energized to conquer the week.  We agreed to meet our friends next week for a quasi-competitive 4:4 family basketball game.

Lesson learned?  
When you feel stuck in idle, HIT THE GAS.  Move. Try something new. Embrace your childhood through play. Surround yourself by friends. Heck, just do the “sports-jump-belly-bump” and you’ll be well on your way!

What is Wallyball?  It’s similar to volleyball, but played in a racquetball court (I believe it’s for the physically challenged among us who otherwise would spend more time chasing the ball than playing the game…)

What are you doing today to energize your life?

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  1. It was totally fun! We had a blast, too! We saw something on Biggest Loser the other night that was inspiring. One couple makes a date night to get their heart rates up. Tries new things and the like.

    Looking forward to the Jackie Chan/ nutcracker. 🙂


    1. Charla, I was just catching up on some blog responses and saw this from you… funny that wallyball and MyFitnessPal kick started what has been a wonderful and heart-healthy year. Let’s lift a glass to many more to come!


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