Love on Yourself – Today…

Love Yourself - Today - In the Moment!

Love Yourself – Today – In the Moment!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  While there’s a huge push to shower those in your life with love… Take time to love yourself – today – in the moment!

Sometimes I get bogged down with the stresses of everyday life. People to see, places to go… you know the drill. Through meditation, I’ve found a way to shed the minutia… Fret not, nothing too woo-woo… just carving out time, now and again, to free my mind. Here’s something I put together earlier this week.  I hope it brings you peace, on Valentine’s Day!

If I dare to live only in this very moment, all is peaceful. There is no stress. No harm. No worries. If I live only in this moment, what remains out there doesn’t matter. In this moment, I am a good person.  My kids are healthy and cared for. Our needs are met and I’m at peace. In this moment, the future has no relevance and the past has faded from view. It feels warm and safe here, in this moment.  In this moment, there is no distinction between the peace I feel and the faith I have. It is all one in the same.

In this moment, time stands still. The dark clutches of pain are loosened and I am free. Peace is tangible, the broken record stops and is replaced with the sounds of restful music.

In this moment, in my tranquil place, the sun is shining on me and provides a much-needed warmth. It’s a reprieve from the coldness that has taken me prisoner.

In this moment, the barking dogs are silent. No yapping. No biting my ankles… not underfoot to trip me when I’m walking straight. Not begging for  scraps that have not yet fallen or showing their angry teeth and breathing the breath of anger. In this moment, the barking dogs are silent.

In this moment, there is clarity. I can let go of the minutia that cluttered my mind. All is wiped clean, only peace and beauty remain.

In this moment, I am comfortable with who I am, and where I am in the universe.

In this moment, I need not. Everything is available to me. I want for nothing. The negative thoughts are kept at bay.

In this moment I can tend to myself, love myself, forgive myself, grant peace to myself. In this moment, I can see that the cycles of the ages will continue and in the scheme of life, all is balanced in the universe.

In this moment, there is peace.


I wish you peace, in this moment.  How will you Love on Yourself – Today?

© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.

6 responses to “Love on Yourself – Today…

  1. Amen Sister!


  2. Beautiful! Hard to do, this elusive “be in the moment.” Peace to you!


  3. You have written this with your heart and see I can connect with it.


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