Free To Be Me

Free To Be Me...
Free To Be Me…

Writer’s block is painful… it’s like ideas are stuck behind my eyeballs with seemingly no way to escape. When the block hits, I jolt myself back into creativity by diving into a writing prompt (you can find them online, at the library or at your favorite book store).

I found today’s exercise to be especially cleansing and I decided to share it with you.

Here’s the prompt:
Write a poem of no more than 20 lines about spending a day all by yourself. The only rules are that it must rhyme and the final line of the poem must include the title of your favorite song.

So, here goes the poem…


Warmth surrounds me
I wake up and rise.
Looking past myself
there is sunshine in my eyes.

Thoughts gathered
blessings reviewed
the past shattered
the future ensues.

To love others
begins with fully loving me
glancing inward
and liking what I see.

I leave the shelter of home
and begin a hike.
Traveling onward
the freedom, I like.

As I glance beyond the distance
beautiful sights I see.
Standing in my truth
and Free To Be Me.


Do you have a favorite song that sets you free when you are locked up?
Free to Be Me

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