Hello, What’s Your Momenta??

Fighting children

It was a rough morning. Kids yelling at each other, feelings hurt, and a mad dash to get my eldest to the bus and my youngest to the schoolyard.  After dropping my daughter off, my ears tuned into the Dom and Jane radio show.  The question of the day was “what momenta do you still have from when you met your spouse.”  Some of the stories were odd, others were funny. One caller bragged about saving a grapefruit for the past 5 years that was engraved with marker “to my love… now hard as a rock it symbolizes our love for each other…”  At that second, I knew that I had a story to share.

I pulled the car over and dialed into the show. First attempt, busy.  Darn!  Second attempt, “this is Emily, what is your momenta?”  My story passed the sniff test, and I was transferred to Dom Testa. The exchange went something like this:

Dom: I have Sandi on the line. Sandi, what’s your relationship momenta?

Sandi: Dom, when my husband and I first started dating, he took me to a Mexican restaurant. We were having a great time. At one point I leaned back in a full-belly laugh, and noticed a huge winding Philodendron (plant) surrounding me. For some odd reason, I reached up, grabbed a sampling and put it in a wet napkin. I took it home and within a few weeks transplanted it. It’s winding vines soon took over our china cabinet (all the way to the floor). It’s grown so much that we cut off several feet each year to keep it from taking over the whole dining room. Here it is, 20 years later, and we still have that plant at our house.

Cutting from plantCrazy long vines

The conversation included some chuckles and bantering.  This is the first time I’ve ever called in to a radio show. Sharing a laugh with Dom and Jane was an unexpected way to leave my parenting blues behind. It wasn’t until homework time that I recalled the shenanigans from earlier in the morning.

Today’s Lesson?  Take time to cherish those quirky and whimsical moments in life. Collectively, they weave a wonderful and memorable tapestry.
(Or at least they’ll take your mind off of the duct tape.)



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