Dog Vomit, Mystery Solved!

Sick Puppy

This is not for the faint of heart… Seriously, continue reading only if you can handle grotesque descriptions of pre-digested food.

You may recall that yesterday started with the kids launching World War III.  I didn’t mention the root cause… namely because it was a big “he said/she said.” However, after what happened today, please let me explain.

My daughter was extremely upset because she could not find a $5 bill that she put on the staircase – a week ago.  She thought my son had taken it. He denied it. Soon they were both accusing me of “borrowing” it (like that could happen…). Since they were both upset, I decided that my husband must have taken it to pay for airport parking.  Needless to say, by the time we got to the car, the whole situation had escalated to gigantic proportions…

Hold on, quick back story (it will soon make sense, I promise)… Our dog has a tendency to eat my daughter’s socks and then puke them up. The vet’s best guess is that he misses her when she’s at school. This happens about twice per month.  It’s a horrible and disgusting habit.  When my husband is in town, we all pretend that we don’t see it.  Usually, when he gets home from work, he is brave enough to do what must be done (ie. scrape it off of the carpet, wipe the surface down, and clean up the mess).

Are you going to click away from this story yet? Wait!  I told you to only read this if you could handle grotesque descriptions of pre-digested food.  Perhaps that was misleading… after all, a sock really is not in that category.

I digress…

Tonight, as the oven buzzer alerted us that dinner was ready, I glanced at the floor on my way into the kitchen.  Doh!  A sock. A digested mess of a sock.  After rolling my eyes in desperation, I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a rolled up $5 bill.  Upon scooping the mess into the dust pan, we realized that there were two bills folded together.  Unsure if it was two $5 bills, or a $5 and a $1, or perhaps a $5 and a $10, we deliberated what must be done. My daughter is frugal and it could have even been a $5 and a $20.

What to do??? What would YOU do?

Guess what we did???

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  1. I would have grabbed a paper towel and grabbed the cash and washed it off in the sink (while not breathing to avoid the smell.) What did you guys do? Now you can stop blaming Mike for using “found Cash”, though, so that’s good. LOL


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