Cave in the Distance

Do you ever have those days where you just want to escape from the grind? Feeling paralyzed by circumstance and just needing a reprieve?  Here’s a little imagery to get you out of that place of turmoil.  Come with me, I’ve found a cave… hidden in the distance!

Cave in Distance
I’ve found a respite! It’s quiet, calm, and dim. The walls are porous, bumpy, and cool to the touch. It’s safe here. The air is fresh. This dark, quiet place is a reprieve from the brightness and noise. Sounds fade. I can hear only the distant wind and my steady breathing. Focusing on my own needs…no hunger…no pain. Just quiet darkness. Safe from the elements outside.

In this place, I can hear my thoughts. No distractions. No clutter. Just the safety of rock walls, dimness and a soft sandy floor. I draw images on the sand to pass time. I’m in no hurry. There’s no longer a rush. There are no expectations of me here, in this dark, cool and safe place. The rain water will sustain my thirst. I’ll tend to nourishment when I wake up tomorrow. I don’t have to worry about that in this moment. For now, it’s quiet, peaceful, dark and safe. I have no fear. I have no regrets.

Sweet clarity, sounds of my breath, and ongoing lines in the sand. Peace envelopes me like a nursing mother with a newborn babe. I spot something in the distance… There are reserves. Supplies I wasn’t expecting. Nourishment, a journal, shoes, candles and a blanket. I will need the blanket. The coolness is on the verge of a slight chill. The blanket will enable my body heat to radiate and warm me. I’ll be able to sleep in this quiet place.

Fear has vanished. My needs are met. I’m innovative and resourceful. Every day in the past has taken care of itself. As it is today. As it will be tomorrow. No amount of life, light and turmoil will separate me from this safe place.

Today is a new day. I’ve left yesterday behind. The shadows that once overcame me, are no longer by my side. It’s safe here and cozy, all the brokenness is made new.

I’ve a map and a compass…. a journal and a pen. A flashlight to bring light, when the dark won’t let any in. I’ve a blanket and shoes, there’s no stopping me now.  I’ve got this, some way, some how.


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