Run For Your Life!

I recently survived a run-for-your-life kind of weekend. We kicked off Friday with a NOWF (night out with friends); Saturday my daughter was in the Sound of Music at her school, followed by a late-night cast party until 1 a.m.; Sunday morning came too early when we led a “Prayer Bears for India” outreach project for 5th graders; and the weekend concluded by trying to finalize my son’s design entry for the upcoming Paper Fashion Show. (Just reading that paragraph was exhausting!)

Night Out With Friends  Nuns from "Sound of Music"     Paper Fashion Show

Last night, my husband and I were so tired that we sat, comatose, watching television until 2 a.m. Have you ever been so tired that you can’t sleep?  It defies logic.  On one hand, it’s tempting to revamp the calendar, cut down commitments, and hide under a rock. I’ve done that before. It feels good, for about a day, and then you begin to realize that all the hustle and bustle is what makes up this journey we call life.

Realistically, life ebbs and flows. I am a sprint runner, and can keep that pace for a few days. Then I embrace the stillness that follows the chaos – and allow my body and mind to rest. Over the years I’ve learned to carefully weigh what I say “yes” to.  I discovered that when I say “yes” to one thing, I am saying “no” to something else.  “Yes” becomes a currency, and must spent wisely.  Otherwise, for me,  it leads to emotional bankruptcy.

The activities from the weekend were worth the investment.  Our yeses allowed us to take stock in our most valued assets of family and friends. Simply stated, it all had to be done. Laughter with buddies, cheering on our daughter, investing in our son, and even hanging out with my husband late into Sunday evening – it all proved to be life-giving.

Today’s task is to rest on my laurels and allow a little rest before the next track race begins. (That’s a metaphor…I’ve never actually run a race in my life!)

What life-giving commitments are running your life?

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