As Wide as Plumber’s Crack

Plumber's Crack

We figured that turning 40 would bring a new level of enlightenment, liberation, and freedom.  We embraced holding menus farther from our face, releasing our inhibitions, and taking cat naps without feeling guilty. It’s been wonderful!

After 20 years of marriage, my hubby and I also relish the small things… like the sports-bump-belly-jump. We try to find comfort in the simple life… like a glass of wine with our home-cooked dinner, catching up on episodes of Shark Tank and Modern Family, taking an afternoon stroll, and eating ice cream in our jammies. The “ice cream at home” part is really an intentional attempt at no frills frugality… The swirly white stuff at DQ can cost over $20 bucks for a family of four.

Last night, we reached a new level of enlightenment… We have entered a generation gap as wide as plumber’s crack.  Picture this scene…

8:45 p.m. Wife at home playing war (card game) with 13 year old daughter.  Hubby zips through grocery store for key banana split ingredients… he approaches the check stand.  As the cashier rings in the whipped cream – beep – they have this exchange:

CASHIER: Hey dude, how’s it going?

HUBBY: Great, thanks.

(chocolate syrup – beep)

CASHIER: Any big plans this evening?

HUBBY: Just a big date at home (chuckle, chuckle)

(Not realizing that hubby always laughs at his own jokes, cashier blushes. Clearly lost for words. Fumbles through remaining items to be scanned: cherries, nuts, pineapple, strawberries.)

CASHIER: (finishes transaction, pregnant pause…) Well, take it easy, Mister.

(As hubby left the store, he realized that he’d entered a generation gap as wide as plumber’s crack.)

Thankfully, we are uninhibited, unrestrained and we no longer care if we are unrefined.  We enjoyed a delicious round of banana splits, in our jammies, with our kids.

Plumber’s Crack – all the 40-somethings are doing it!


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