Corner of Singing & Tampons

Marketing, in one way or another, has been my vocation for the past 20 years.  My brain always goes to… “what’s the hidden message” in commercials, products, and even services. It’s irritating when I feel taken… For example, in my overzealous attempt to cook light, I recently purchased this bottle of olive oil…

Olive Oil

I didn’t realize, until closer inspection, that this was NOT “light” olive oil… It was simply light tasting olive oil. Doh! Foiled again! or would that be “oiled” again?!

I never thought I’d write about olive oil, but the next example was definitely blog-worthy… Check out this crazy “product benefit” listed on the side of a tampon box:

Tampon Box

Picture this scene: car at intersection, hot day, female driver – bloated, irritable, cramping… Breaking out into song at stop light — she found the one miracle on earth that was worthy of song.  A tampon! Who knew?!


I would love to have been in that brainstorming meeting… can’t you picture it?  Ten male marketing execs around a table, looking at recently improved “cotton plugs with strings”… pondering catch-phrases for a newly launched brand.  I wanna see those guys at that same stop light… with that same female driver… and I’d like to know how the story really ends.

I’m not a man hater. I just hate bad ideas, especially ones that get printed on the sides of thousands of products… Particularly when I’m the sucker who made the purchase. I’m just saying… There was no singing in my car last month.

Take a peek in your pantry and cabinets. What do you have lurking that is blog-worthy?


© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.


  1. Foiled again, could just mean f*$k@ng Oiled again. A marketing twist! Yeh, marketing companies really do need to hop on the diversity train and get more women and minorities to make these decisions….like the vodka advert that showed a guy sexually assaulting a girl? I don’t think any women were in that conversation.


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