The Enchanted Tree

enchanted tree

Exercise was on my to-do list today. Between commitments, I took a quick walk this afternoon.  Clear blue sky, white fluffy clouds, cool breeze… beautiful day.

As I approached a nearby park, I came upon the sound of children’s voices screaming. Then, I heard the heavy pounding of footsteps. Somewhat irritated by the interruption, my first reaction (internally) was something like, “Hush, Children! I’m trying to enjoy this beautiful day…”  Looking closer, I could see that the kids were playing some sort of game. One little girl ran as fast as she could until she reached a huge tree. She quickly embraced the tattered trunk, and in a gentle voice whispered, “Guys, this is the enchanted tree! We are safe!”  The kids followed her lead. Laughter and happiness ensued. All was good in their world.

I continued my walk and realized that I should take a lesson from that little girl… How often do I go at mach speed, with my red hair on fire, stomping my feet, and acting like a wild woman? At times I focus only on the to-do list in front of me, and allow it to swallow me whole.

Yup, I learned something meaningful from those rambunctious children…
Find the closest enchanted tree and invite everyone around to embrace the safety and peace that resides there.

Enchantment, for me, resides in:

  • embracing my kids
  • meditating with zen music
  • receiving a random text from an old friend
  • watching ducks paddle
  • tickling my husband
  • seeing an old lady cross the street while I’m stuck in traffic
  • experiencing the 20/20 vision that comes years after a life-changing struggle

Where do you find enchantment? Run there now!  Embrace it, and proclaim “this is enchantment, all is good in the world!!


© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.

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