Don’t Be a Fly

When my kids are struggling, I wanna fix it. My first instinct is always to say “this too shall pass…”  However, in reality, there will always be some level of pain and suffering in our world. Just as we always have bowel movements after delicious nourishment, we shall forever have pain in the midst of our joy.  Sorry for the tacky analogy, but sometimes ya’ just gotta use examples that are clearly understood…

In my deranged attempt make sense of the situation, an image popped in my brain…  Every week my kids have to do “Doggy Doody” pick-up. They hate it, but it’s just part of our life. We tell them, “If ya want dogs, ya gotta do the doody pick-up!” No matter how many times they try to ignore the poop, it is still there. Ideally, if they face the pile, and do their best to clean it up, then they’ll have a whole backyard of goodness to enjoy.

Working from that angle, here’s how a recent conversation went with my 10 year old…

SON: That jerk is still trying to bully me… (we’ve had this conversation zillions of times… sticks and stones.)

MOM: Son, let’s think about this situation like the backyard… Ponder the dog poop for just a moment.  It’s real. And there will always be plenty of flies flitting around… Doing what flies do.

SON: Mom, that’s gross! and isn’t helpful…

MOM: All I’m saying is, what you are experiencing is real… and you’ve tried your best to clean it up. Now, how about we consider what else is in the backyard.

SON: Dirt and grass…

MOM: and?

SON: flowers, rocks, trees, lady bugs, worms, sprinklers, and sunshine…

MOM: Exactly. There are so many other great things to focus on. The poop is real, and there will always be flies. All I’m saying is, don’t be a fly. Gravitate toward the amazing things that lurk in the yard.

What is the overall message here?


See it, do your best to clean it up, and then move on to the goodness that lurks beyond the pile.

I found a song to help me further solidify this image…
Shoo fly don’t bother me! Shoo fly don’t bother me!



I’m so glad I’m all “grown up” with insightful grown up answers!


  © 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.


  1. That is a great message for all of us to bear in mind, thanks for sharing. It reminds me of a moment in the Stuart McLean story “The Fly”, when Dave’s friend Jim finds him nearly licking a lightbulb:

    Dave: I think I inhaled a fly. I was hoping he’d be drawn towards the light and find his way out of my lungs.
    Jim: That’s moths.
    Dave: Huh?
    Jim: It’s moths that are drawn towards light.
    Dave: Then what are flies drawn towards?
    (Moment of awkward silence.)



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