That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Three things I should never do…

  1. Go to the Pet Store solo with my kids.
    I have no backbone when it comes to day dreams of cute children and cuddly creatures.

    It's impossible to say "no".
    It’s impossible to say “no”.     (Photo: Asia Jones)
  2. Answer before thinking when asked “Mom, can I have a sleepover on Tuesday night.”
    Didn’t I learn to stop, look, and listen before crossing busy streets?  Or was it tuck and roll during fires? Somewhere I missed a valuable lesson…

    Gagdum Style!
    Gagdum Style!
  3. After agreeing to #2, I should never agree to allowing a group of
    13 year olds dye their hair. Unsupervised. Ever.
This aint yo' Momma's hair color!
This aint yo’ Momma’s hair color!

All I’m saying is that my lesson for today is:
Bad decisions leave marks… on walls, floors, arms, fingers and feet.

TRUTH BE TOLD… the girls wiggled and giggled their way through the dye process.
They cleaned up along the way. And, enjoyed a safe bonding experience in the confines of our home.
They are oblivious to my tattered nerves. Perhaps with any luck, this evening will leave a mark…
Someday they can look back fondly at their teenage-shenanigans.

Slumber Party Bonding. (Photo courtesy Easton)
Slumber Party Bonding. (Photo courtesy Easton)


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