Peace in the Storm

Peace in the storm.
Peace in the storm.



What if pain is simply a distraction from inner peace?

Is it possible to vary our approach to pain?




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  1. I think pain creates growth, brings forth appreciation of life, reminds us that we possess enough love and are loved enough to move past our pains. Does it distract us, derail our inner peace? Perhaps, but would we know how precious life is without pain? Its an interesting question. Inner peace may be interpreted in many ways; for me it is when my mind, body and spirit are in balance. I know what balance means for me by experiencing what being out of balance feels like. Some of which was caused by pain; some inflicted and some self inflicted. Some that I inflicted upon others which causes a different pain in self reflection once realized or admitted to. How we approach pain may not be within approach vs. feeling our way through pain.


  2. Interesting question. I think that we can absolutely vary our approach to pain. We can vary it by accepting pain as a part of life, and then reflecting upon it. Anyone, who like myself, has overcome adversity in some form, understands that pain, aside from being unpleasant is also part of life’s teachings. If it wasn’t for the pain of my childhood I wouldn’t have learned how to truly appreciate the peace I experience now as an adult. Approaching pain from a positive perspective will make the difference between allowing it to teach you or break you.


    1. Authormarina, thanks for sharing your insights. Perhaps the peace can be found when we simply allow the pain to flow. For me, hindsight in this area is always 20/20. The question surfaced from a conversation I was having with my teenage daughter caught up in some social drama. As much as I wanted to fix it for her, I simply wiped the tears from her cheeks… I remember how hard those years can be. I later wondered how her perspective will change over time. Just echoing my comment to Ed, without darkness we have no perspective on the value of the light. I love your comment “approaching pain from a positive perspective will make the difference between allowing it to teach you or break you.” I guess life would be pretty boring if foresight were always 20/20. Indeed, it’s the hindsight that teaches us the lesson! Again, thanks for your contribution to the conversation!


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