Wake-Up Calls

"I'd like to set a wake-up call for 6 a.m."
“I’d like to set a wake-up call for 6 a.m.”

Have you ever requested a courtesy morning call at a hotel? If so, you can relate to the terrorizing, jump-outta-your-jammies, scare-the-bejesus-outta-you wake-up call. The ring goes off like a siren. Adrenaline surges through your veins and there is not a chance you’ll settle back into your comfy slumber.

(Photo courtesy: Samantha Leeke.)
(Photo courtesy: Samantha Leeke.)

Similar to those heart-racing “wake-up call” experiences, life brings forth flashes of awakening over time. We might call them “Ah-hah” moments. Paradigm shifts. Looking back, we realize that what once defined us, no longer applies. It’s a freeing process.  However, it can be frightening until we shake the dust off, and settle into our new reality. These moments generally surface to wake us from our complacent slumber. If we are brave enough to embrace them, amazing things begin to happen in our universe.

Over the past five years, I’ve experienced three big wake-up calls in my world. Frightening and even painful. Yet, like childbirth, ushering in the miracle of new life. Stretching me in ways that I never thought humanly possible. When I’m brave enough to embrace what must come, goodness abounds. It’s been challenging to articulate this transformational process. Here is an attempt, through poetry.


“Stay in the box,”
Clear definitions and parameters.
“Ask no questions…
Take this and eat,”
Spoon fed nourishment, “it’s all you’ll need.”

Insatiable cravings
Unending questions.
Walls destroyed
Windows shattered
floors crumbled to the shaken ground.


Heart racing.

Inner truth
Forward motion.
Step. Step.

Beyond rubble
Vast openness

Boundless universe.
Undefinable through spoken word.
Spiritual articulation.


© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.

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