My BFF and Me.

I had a volatile childhood. Abuse took many forms. As a result, friendship has always meant a lot to me. Most of what I learned about unconditional love, acceptance, caring, and joy came from relationships outside my family of origin. A while back I wrote a poem which included:

Friendship is a safe haven that envelopes you in darkness and plight.
It holds you steady until the dawn comes to light your path.  (MusingMaven 2011)

Photo courtesy of Mateusz Stachowski.
Photo courtesy of Mateusz Stachowski.

My life coach encourages me to be my own best friend. I find the following quote to sum up my learning in this area…

Friendship with one’s self is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

I’m far from having it all figured out. Broken records inside my brain torment me daily… However, during times of inner-peace when I love myself, forgive myself, and accept myself, the friendship I share with others is enhanced beyond measure. In short, I guess it’s all about loving on me so that I can fully embrace and receive true friendship and love from others.

It’s a solid reminder to Love On Yourself – Today.

Peace on the journey!


© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.

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