Reflecting on the newness of Spring…

Photo courtesy of BCCH.
Photo courtesy of BCCH.

I was raised in a conservative Christian home. Many of the teachings served me well. However, I also witnessed and experienced a lot of man-made bondage through the years. I’m no longer the “eyes-wide-shut” person that I was in my youth.

Spring is a great opportunity to shed the dormant aspects of ourselves, and embrace the newness of life. I now find truth in concepts from many traditions. A few years ago, I took time to jot down the 2.0 version of my beliefs.

Here goes…  Happy Spring! 

—>My Beliefs… Version Two-Point-Oh:

I believe that we were given free will and that we should use it.
I believe that what comes around goes around.

I believe that sometimes what comes around doesn’t go around, and we are blessed even when we make stupid mistakes.

I believe that “hell” is a state of mind.

I believe that if we don’t forgive, we live in bondage. I believe that when we forgive, we don’t necessarily have to forget.

I believe that we were not meant to live in fear.

I believe that if we do what is best for ourselves…truly best for ourselves…it will be best for everyone else too.

I believe that sometimes it takes time to see that doing what is best for ourselves is also best for others…but that it is worth the wait.

I believe that no matter how evil a person appears, there is some beauty and love within their soul.

I believe that there is no black and white, but rather many shades of gray.

I also believe that sometimes things are very black and white
and that we have to put a line in the sand…
…if only for a while

Line in Sand

I believe that the tide was meant to wipe those lines away in due time.

I believe that some people enter our life to remind us that we are worthy of love.

I believe that sometimes challenging people (and situations) enter our path to teach us lessons.

I believe that life is a moving target. Nothing is

I believe that sometimes the best we can do, in love, is to love
ourselves enough to set a healthy boundary.

I believe we were meant to learn from mistakes.

I believe that when we feel judged, we are actually judging ourselves.
And, I believe that when we judge others we are also judging ourselves.

I believe that sometimes the best clarity comes in the most chaos.

I also believe that clarity comes in the quietness,
if we sit still enough to see it.

I believe that we know our truth. And, I believe that when we don’t own our truth, bad things happen.

I believe that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

I believe that sometimes good things happen to bad people – they need blessings too.

I believe that breaking a cycle is painful…
Well, breaking anything is painful.

Photo courtesy of Luann Johnson.

My faith in humanity and the universe is summarized in Galations 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against these there are no laws.

I believe that no matter what happens, somehow through the lessons learned and the experienced gained, we are richly blessed.


I believe that God is seen in a kind word or action from a friend, or stranger…
if we take time to truly listen, we will hear the Spirit of Clarity loud and clear.

I believe that if we listen when that happens, our unique truth will reveal itself.

FINALLY… I believe that if we are brave enough
to face it, our truth will always set us free.



© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.


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