LOST for Words


The kids and I recently started watching

Lost on Netflix.

We are three episodes in. It’s a nail biter, for sure.
And, it provides entertainment while my hubby is in Romania this week.

Anyway, I digress …

The other morning my 10 year old came into my room while I was blow drying my hair.

blow dryer

We had this exchange:

Son:  Mom, I have been thinking about Lost. I think I’ve figured it out.

Me:   Okay, what’s up, Bud?

Son:  Well, I think the crashed plane represents hard times in our life.

Me:   Yeah, that could be true.

Son:  I think the island represents how sometimes we feel alone.

Me:   Hmmm… Yeah, I could see that.

Son:  And I think the monster thingy represents our fears.

Big hug, proud momma moment…

Son: Mom, can you give me ten bucks to pay for a membership to Animal Jam?

This was an enlightening both/and moment…

My son is BOTH insightful AND he’s a huge deal-worker.

Doh, played again!


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