Wash Your Hands Before Returning To Work

Not sure about you, but… my spirit has been heavy in recent weeks. The bombings in Boston, explosion in Waco, loud debate on gun control, ongoing dispute on the validity of love between two consenting adults, and now the 24/7 coverage of the Tsarnaev brothers… it’s all pretty heavy. And that’s just the “local” stuff. It’s easy to become depressed. What to do? What to do??!!  Draw the blinds? Bolt and re-bolt the doors? Turn on the alarm? Cancel plans to big events? Live in dark isolation with a false sense safety?

I’ve said it before… Signs are everywhere. Messages from the universe appear in the most unexpected places. This weekend, after eating my favorite Med Salad at Noodles, I excused myself to wash my hands.

Washing Hands

I placed my fingers under the soap dispenser and started making bubbles. I allowed the cold water to rush over my hands. While glancing up to check if there were remnants of lunch in my teeth, my eyes saw it… The sign readPlease Wash Your Hands Before Returning to Work.


Life is complicated. We sort through the pain and filth, and our hands get dirty. This is going to happen. It happens every.single.day. But, our work is not finished. These atrocities are not the final story. They are merely a thread in the fabric of our life. This pain is fleeting, and allows perspective to show itself. Our work here is not done.

     Please Wash Your Hands Before Returning to Work…

Drawing the blinds simply enlarges the dark shadows. Bolting and re-bolting the doors only makes it more difficult to escape the abyss. Sounding an alarm makes it even more challenging to hear the birds chirping and the children laughing. There is no safety cocoon. Life is calling us! We have work to do. Besides, the universe even says “please“.

PLEASE Wash Your Hands Before Returning to Work…

For me, this looks like hugging my kids, taking a long walk in the beautiful sunshine, assembling a trampoline with my husband (daughter’s 14th bday this weekend), reading “Diary of Ann Frank” with my son, eating on the patio, and reaching out to the universe through this blog.

We have work to do. Thank goodness for clean water! My hands are clean!

Don’t forget… Wash Your Hands Before Returning To Work.

How will you wash your hands today?


© 2013 The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.


  1. Great analogy – Thanks for sharing this great insight, your writing is amazing and it truly inspires me every-time I read it! Thank You!!


  2. I enjoyed the metaphor too. I’ve also been taken in by the recent news events. There always seems to be a new tragedy standing in line, waiting to remind us of all that can go wrong. It is tempting to not want to read the latest news. To not let in the dirt of humanity but as you noted in your post, it would only make the shadows grow larger. Those moments with your children and family go a long way towards letting in the light. You just have to remember that despite the darkness, the light we carry within never leaves.


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