Mommy Dearest On Mother’s Day

I pulled the Mother’s Day card twice in the past 24 hours…

Yup, you know, the type of card that is pulled when you are feeling entitled?

Yesterday, I called my hubby to remind him that Mother’s Day was coming, and as a treat to myself, I gave him orders to have the kids clean the house before I returned home. It seemed pretty simple to me… “Have the kids…

  • vacuum stairs
  • empty dishwasher
  • vacuum living and dining areas
  • clean guinea pig cage
  • and make sure their rooms are clean

When I arrived home, there was anger and frustration permeating the house. My son was pretty upset at his sister, and my daughter was antagonizing him relentlessly.

Fighting children


“Mother’s Day is coming!” I thought to myself.

As is the case every May, our Saturday was consumed with 2 graduation parties followed by a birthday celebration for our niece (this year she turned Sweet 16!). As we turkey-trotted our way through these commitments, I kept remembering “my day is tomorrow!”

Last night, I was almost asleep when my son jumped in my space and asked me to tuck him in. Somewhere between wrestling, tickling, praying, and answering rapid-fire questions, I found myself too stimulated for rest.

Meanwhile, my 14 year old daughter had a friend spending the night. I could hear giggles and sighs as the soundtrack from a scary movie rang through the house. Tossing, turning, and trying to force sleep, my husband’s snoring echoed through the chamber of our bedroom.

Source: Building Great Smiles
Source: Building Great Smiles

I finally turned on the television and dove into the world of Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece Theater. Three episodes later, and around 1 a.m., I felt the comfort of Rest’s embrace.

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Side Note: There’s a little ritual that I perform every night. When my head hits the pillow, I close my eyes and say “Gratitude… (deep breath) God I’m so thankful for…” and then I begin a mental exercise of naming all the blessings in my life. It’s a wonderful way to quiet my mind and find rest.

Last night, to the familiar sound of muffled giggles and wall-shaking snores, I was just about to wield the “Motherhood” card … it might have played out like Mommy Dearest (wire hangers and all!).  After all, at 1 a.m., MY DAY was here!

Source: Google
Source: Google

Somehow, the awareness of MY DAY… MOTHER’S DAY… swooped me out of my righteous entitlement and into a place of gratitude.


Gratitude… God, I’m so thankful for…

  • Two energetic and healthy kids, who are learning important “life lessons” about compromise and unconditional love, as they torment the hell out of each other.
  • Sleepovers with giggles… memories of which will wriggle their way into the fabric of my daughter’s childhood memories. Where else would I rather her be, than in our basement, the eve before Mother’s Day?
  • A hard-working and faithful partner in life… even if he does snore to beat the band! It’s our band. On Mother’s Day Eve, those snores represent the ongoing beat of the life we’ve created together. (We deserve a Sports-Bump-Belly-Jump, indeed!)

I’m also thankful for clean air and water, a home with walls, health, freedom, finding my voice (and having the courage to use it), a clean guinea pig cage, food, trails to hike, friends, loved-ones, our family dog, lessons learned… and, my mommy.

Most of all, I’m thankful to wear the title of “Mom” like a badge of honor.  “I hereby swear to serve and protect…

Ah, sleep.

Happy Mother’s Day! Embrace the women who make a difference in your life. Hug on your ornery kids. And, put the “Mom” card and hangers away… after all, the hassles we want to escape from are what justify this special day!  Stand with all the women who have come before, and who will come after, to join the powerful ranks of Motherhood.


© 2013 The Musing Maven, all rights reserved


  1. Great post. I like the gratitude ritual. I tend to fit my in whenever I can during the day, but before bed is even better, like a gratitude prayer, I will give it a try. You seem like a terrific mother, and well deserving of your badge. Happy belated Mother’s Day.


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