Karma Is a Bitch

Tacky title… but yes, Karma is (indeed) a Bitch!  Lemme explain.

We have a dog. His name is Willy.

Willy walks us daily.

Walk, Willy walk.

Photo Source: Douglas Evans on Reddit
Photo Source: Douglas Evans on Reddit

Willy poops about 3 times on a 2.5 mile walk.

Poop, Willy, Poop.

Sometimes, if it’s in a grassy open-space area, we do what we like to call a “faux” pick-up. We pretend to pick it up, but we let nature take its course… Don’t judge! The only thing worse than a faux pick-up is when Willy decides to do a fourth poop, in front of a neighbor’s home, and we are out of poop bags. The faux pick-up is really intended for the greater good. It has nothing to do with laziness.

Scouts honor!

Last week, I took Willy for a walk. As we entered the street just South of ours, Willy decided to lay poop #1. Doh! We are talking 10 houses away. I swear he does this on purpose! While he was doing his business, I sorted through my 3 Walmart bags I’m a good steward of our environment… why buy poop bags when you can recycle bags from Walmart? I got poised and ready to do the responsible pet-owner thing.  I’ve done this at least a thousand times… I wrapped the bag around my hand, and bent over to pick up his doody.

While Willy was kicking dust and dirt into my face (why do big dogs do that after they poo?) I felt a warmer-sensation-than-usual on my pick-up hand.


There was a hole in the baggy, Dear Liza, Dear Liza. A hole in the baggy, Dear Liza, a hole! (hopefully some readers out there remember this little camp-fire sing-a-long!)

Photo Source: Mamalisa
Photo Source: Mamalisa

For those of us (yes, I’m one) who LOVE nature… and HATE it when we stumble upon a dog poo in the open-space… please know that what comes around DOES, indeed, go around. I’ve now paid my penance, in full, for my misguided doody pick-up. My solution is to carry 4 bags on my 2.5 mile walk.

Scouts honor!

Karma, as they say, is a bee-yatch!

© 2013 The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.


  1. I am a naturalist/ guide of sorts at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. In the 8 or so years I have walked the trail system up there, not infrequently find bagged dog debris, left to the side of a trail (on in the middle of the trail) for guys like me to take to the trailhead for disposition, or final burial in the park trash. Do these “bagger” people think I am a fairy poop mother? Do I sense the need to “discover” what they have left? i do not regularly patrol the 35 miles of trails at the park looking for leavings. Get the gripe?


    1. Oh, loud and clear! In my (lame) defense, I have never left a bagged goody… In fact, my hubby can attest that I often pick up litter when on walks, hikes, etc. Golden Gate is one of my favorite nature destinations. So, Mr. John, it begs the question… What have you done in your life to deserve your findings? If assuming, of course, that you believe in Karma??


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