One Step at a Time

The universe continues to speak… Signs are everywhere! 

Our family participated in Denver’s Heart Walk this weekend and I came upon a sign that read:


It struck me that walking has shaped my life over the years…

Long ago, in a flurry of overtime and imbalance, a mentor recommended that I conduct client meetings over a walk in the sunshine. It seemed pretty unconventional. I wasn’t sure if clients would be keen on the idea. I learned quickly that many of us are swept away in the busy-ness of life, and that most individuals welcome the opportunity to take conversations outdoors. The concept lead to an increase in my productivity (read $$) and the ability to dive deeper with my professional contacts.  Who knew?!

Over the years, I’ve tried to incorporate the concept into my personal life. Many times it is tempting to say “let’s do lunch” or “let’s meet for drinks…” Both of these ideas are wonderful. However, they take a toll on the budget and the waistline.

When attempting to catch up with friends, I often suggest that we meet for a walk. I’ve worn tread many times catching up on family news, celebrating births/marriages, supporting a friend with an ill parent, or allowing myself to vent over some stress in my own personal life. There’s something life-giving about fresh air and movement.

The sign from the Heart Walk is a great reminder of this beautiful, yet simple gift. Summer is here. I’ve walked with three different friends recently. Days, weeks, months, and years can all pass… but we catch up quickly.

Sharing life… one step at a time.

Is there someone you’ve been meaning to reconnect with? Summer is here, take that step today!


  1. “Sharing life one step at a time.” That’s such a great slogan.

    Your post reminds me of my days in corporate when a consultant had recommended that all phone calls be made standing. When you’re sitting, phone calls may last longer and lose their focus because you are physically in a relaxed position. Talking on the phone while standing however requires more physical energy that can even translate to your voice.

    I have also been a “walker” for many years. As a teenager and young adult I would walk many miles to listen to music on my “walkman” and reflect on my troubles. Back then the walks were a form of therapy. In 2009, when I met my husband, my walks evolved from self indulgent reflection into enlightening strolls. Now those walks have evolved yet again, into what we call “city hikes.” We select neighborhoods we’re not familiar with and spend the day exploring.


  2. Marina, are you into photography at all? I imagine there are some pretty amazing structural images on your walks. I’m visualizing the birth of awesome black/white photos with shadows as the sun rises/sets/shines on the buildings, sidewalks, staircases, bridges, fountains, park benches, trees… (Not to mention the eclectic mix of people you see while exploring). It would be interesting, through your writing, to hear how those images unlock snippets from the past… continuing to free you. Congratulations on walking forward – literally, and figuratively – in life. I find it inspiring that the same city that held you in bondage for so long, is also a source of freedom. Begs the question… will your next memoir be “Marina Part II – Running Into the Light.”?? As always, thanks for sharing your reflections!


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