Damned Whipper-Snappers!

Doh!  Birthdays…

Photo Source: Juan Croatto
Photo Source: Juan Croatto

I’m a Gemini… They tell me that my red hair accentuates my ornery side, and my hazel eyes compliment my peacemaker side. Having a birthday in mid-June means that I’m blessed with the “Gemini” label – for better AND for worse!

During the last week of school, I had lunch with a mom from my son’s class… During lunch, she asked how old I was. When I told her 43, she said, “Wow, you look great for 43… I hope I look that great when I’m that old.”

Yikes.  When I’m that old??

Damn. I’m now the older mother.

Well, there are perks to now being the “older mother”. For example, I don’t fry myself in the sun any more. And, I don’t use that annoying sunless tanning spray either. At about 40 I finally embraced my sparkly white legs. Light flesh – it’s how I roll!  Orange knees, palms, and ankles are now a distant memory! The pigment-challenged among us know what that last sentence means…

Other perks of “advanced age”… I meet friends for long walks. Sometimes 2 hour long walks. Without the kids. Just cause I can.  It’s good for my “aging” body.

In my “old age” I’ve acquired an appreciation for wine. In the hot tub. With my best friend and husband (wait, those are both the same person… nothing weird going on in my hot tub – scouts honor! ha! ha!)

Old Age and Wine

More proof of my maturity??  I recently became treasurer of the Colorado Poetry Society. The women in the group are amazing mentors and whimsical spirits… Poetry readings are an added plus. And, it’s a safe environment for that sort of thing. Yup, I’m treasurer… Which means I get to balance the left and right sides of the spreadsheet (the society enables me to further embrace the right side of my old brain.)

As the years move onward, I’ve learned the valuable lesson about the power of NO!  Yes, you read it right (not to be confused with the “Power of Now”). I’m talking about looking someone in the face and unapologetically uttering the two letter word “No.” See, the older I get, the more I realize that “yes” is a commodity. When you say “yes” to one thing, you end up saying “no” to other things. In my 20’s and 30’s I was a “yes gal”. I cheered myself right into burnout and fatigue. No more! If I take something on, it’s because it’s life-giving. Period.  When Momma’s happy, everyone’s happy… and saying “NO” to obligations created by others makes me happy! My family benefits when I say NO. Plus, there are added perks that seem to materialize because I have the bandwidth to more intentionally say YES.

Over the course of my forty-second year I feel so mature typing that out instead of using the numbers, I realized that you are what you eat. What can I say? I’m a slow study. My hubby and I recently downloaded our “health bible” in the form of the MyFitnessPal app on our iPhones. By leveraging a few clicks, we can see exactly how many calories we’ve ingested, and how many we’ve burned. Using simple math for idiots (that is shown at the top of the screen) we now know if we need to take an extra walk after dinner. There’s no more whining about “why can’t I lose weight?” or denial about how many calories are really in those five dinner rolls… If we make good choices during the week, we have a “blow it day” where we treat ourselves with an overabundance (read: chocolate, ice cream, buttered movie popcorn, etc.)

mmmm... ice cream!

Our “blow it days” have transitioned our crappy eating habits to be the exception — instead of the norm. What’s really cool, is the longer we are making healthy choices, the less gung-ho we are with the binges.  Three pieces of death-by-chocolate just don’t sit as well as they used to, when we were younger.

So yeah, I’m 43.

Married, white, female, mother of two. Not interested in guilt and obligation. Seeks life-giving relationships with others in this amazing universe. Willing to count beans. Enjoys writing, business coaching and consulting, and long walks – just about anywhere. Can cook – healthy, but loves ice cream.

Gosh, now that I think of it… I hope the gal I took to lunch looks as good at my age as I do, too! Life’s pretty good from way up here!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

How is age treating you??


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  1. I have not hit the official “40” (coming in July). I am, however, looking forward to it in a leaning-forward kind of way! My thirties were all about learning to find me and yes, that happened, along with a lot of tears and re-embracing who I really am. I am also learning to say NO, and what that entails for the YESes in my life..
    Thanks for the post. You have a way with words and making me feel like Im sitting on the couch with you! Here’s to the fabulous forties!


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