Nature’s Birth


Painless birth of daylight.

Casting light upon creation.

Dewdrops shine, reflecting their appreciation.

Light in abundance – nurtures growth.

Shadows recede, darkness vanishes.

Fruit of Vine

Winding vines reach upward toward life-giving radiance.

Plump fruit, skin tight, waits patiently for plucking.

Tiny six-legged creatures suckling —  


Trickle of a nearby stream.

Rainbow on water through light refraction,

gifting passerby a distraction.


The toss of a dime,

little girl makes a wish.

Wind blown hair as the sunlight glistens.

Story told by Momma as the small one listens.


The sweet tweet of birds overhead,

flying and flitting.

Seeking worms on the landscape.

White fluffy clouds embrace the blue sky.

Sun shines, beyond the distance.

Flowers blooming, color-fully down below.

Magical scent permeates the environment.

Source: Freerk Lautenbag

Aging woman.

Pruning shears.

Sample taken for entertainment.

Puppy saunters through soft grass,

chasing flies as they pass.

Sun Down

Heat of day now gone

welcome shade does her part.

Sun drifting into the distance.

The earth enveloped in restful sleep —

Prepares again for morning birth.


© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.


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