Cast Away


Oh Darkness!
Be gone and never return.
You are welcome here no more.
The gates are locked.
Your gnashing teeth no longer break my weary bones.

Alas, my strength returns to me.
I am released from your object ownership.
Tethered no more.
I am free. I am free.

Oh Darkness,
Retreat back into your endless abyss.
Cast shadows elsewhere.
Find demise in a distant land.
Lead the ravenous vultures onward and away.

Farewell, Darkness!
Find another with torn flesh and raw bone.
There is none here left for your taking.
I am free. I am free.


© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.


  1. Very inspirational – We all get lost in the dark sometimes, but it’s a great reminder that we can and should make the choice. The darkness cast shadows where it’s allowed! Great writhing!


  2. There is both strength and beauty in this poem. The strength of the casting aside the darkness and the beauty in acknowledging the freedom that comes from doing so. Bravo! Thanks for reminding all of us that the power of darkness remains only if we allow it to.


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