Pretty and “F-Bombs”

Girls Day Out
4th Grade Mom-Daughter Day Out.

My daughter…

No longer a little girl.

She’s 14.

Crystal blue eyes. Thick hair reaching beyond her confident shoulders.

Big heart.

Loving nature.


She loves animals!

Source: Gabriella Fabbri
Source: Gabriella Fabbri

She’s learning about friendships…

…and boys.

Heart Clouds

Her spirit is free. Untethered.


she’s trying to navigate her way through the maze of life.


I’m a mom.

Crows feet are beginning to leave their trace.

I want the best for my growing girl… in this crazy world.

I encourage her to break stereotypes…

Work hard…

Carve a path…

Don’t believe the lies in commercials.

          She doesn’t need a man…

                   or alcohol… 

                            or big boobs…

Everything she needs resides within her very being.

Raising a teenager has its challenges. Yet, blessings abound.

In words…

and cuddles…

and laughter…

A friend recently shared this Youtube clip with me.  It’s a solid reminder to teach our girls to unleash their inner warriors… transcend tradition… Katie Makkai is a Slam Poet from Denver, and she is one passionate lady!

I’ll warn you, it’s edgy, and not for the faint-of-heart. I believe the “F-bomb” is dropped once. If you care to watch the clip, allow yourself to listen deeper than the angry voice and truly hear the message.

Photo Source: Julia Freeman-Woolpert
Photo Source: Julia Freeman-Woolpert

Here’s to raising girls that are never simply pretty…


Pretty AmazingPretty SmartPretty Awesome

           Pretty SuccessfulPretty Adjusted

                               Pretty ConfidentPretty Loving


Pretty Balanced!


© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.


  1. LOVE this post, as I too have a daughter who is pretty (amazing, confident. loving, etc.)! You are also pretty…. 😉


    1. Thanks, Peggy! BTW, Dove (the soap company) used to have a program that offered youth training… Pretty cool concepts where they showed girls how images in ads are photoshopped, chopped, and edited to the point that the model doesn’t even resemble the picture. A fabulous reality check… if the models don’t look like the images, how can our daughters?? Thanks for participating in the conversation. Peace to you today, and always!!!


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