National Ice Cream Day


I started my Sunday (no pun intended) with an email in my inbox from ColdStone Creamery… Today is National Ice Cream Day!

I love ice-cream!


Embrace your inner-child! 

Bring those taste buds alive!

Start by Googling your favorite ice cream shop to see if they have coupons for this wonderful summertime national celebration of the freezy-breezy cool treat.

How will you celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

NOTE TO READERS: take pictures of your creamy creations and share them on the MusingMaven Facebook page. I’d love to see sprinkles, syrups, and creamy smiles with sparkling yumminess!

Spoons Up!


1 Comment

  1. I love Cold stone ice cream. I first tasted it a few years back while traveling in New Mexico. About a year ago they built one in the town I live in.I normally go about once every two months for that special treat 🙂


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