Dodging Bullets, Driving Trains

Dodging bullets looks so easy in the movies. Remember the Matrix?

Source: KeanuFile
Source: KeanuFile

There are times when the world around me is moving at mach speed — and I’m in a still-frame just trying to maintain footing on solid ground… Pow. Bullet. Dodge.  I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I wanna pull out my best Bruce Lee moves and show the world who is boss…

Photo: BruceLeeFanSite
Photo: BruceLeeFanSite

That’s right, I go all “whaahh!

I even dream about unleashing my inner Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Photo: Empire Online
Photo: Empire Online

Oh, and don’t under-estimate my powerful Jackie Chan moves…

Source: Wiki
Source: Wiki

Wait. I digress…

The bottom line? Life can be a fast-moving train, roaring – whistling – and literally shaking the earth beneath our feet. In moments when you’re about to be run over, head-on, sometimes the best you can do is hunker-down, within yourself, and embrace a quiet internal stillness.

And, if the noise continues, keep looking for the quiet peace within your soul. Don’t give up, you’ll find it.
I promise!

Over the past 7 years I’ve been on an inward journey…searching for peace in the midst of several external storms. Somewhere between changing careers (twice), parenting two busy kids, marriage, my mom’s cancer and death, and the post-death family shenanigans, I found that I’d lost myself. The train’s whistle was ear piercing as it rushed past at mach speed. It was painful and scary at times.

I’ve found that the more you fight it (eh hem, Bruce Lee) the harder it is to find your footing. In reality, simply breathing and allowing the pain to flow will wash away the darkness. It takes time, but soon enough a radiant light will be shining and leading your way. The key, for me at least, is to listen to my truth. And hold on to my flashlight…

True Story… earlier this year I decided to launch this blog and see where the writing would take me. The more I wrote, the better I felt. The better I felt, the more I was surrounded by wonderful people who share my passion for writing (and intentional living). On a leap of faith, I visited two writing groups. One is the Poetry Society of Colorado, and the other is a group called WriteOn!.  Both have something in common…  Most of the members are women in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s. Their collective energy of these women is contagious. By the time I attended a couple meetings, it became apparent that these ladies are not sitting on their laurels knitting blankets while the world whipped by. Instead, they are living in a “what next” reality.

One woman, in particular, is in her 70’s and she attends social events in the Denver art community several times each week.  She participates in poetry “open mic” nights at local clubs and is able to keep up with poets who are literally 1/4 of her age. When I grow up, I wanna do cool stuff like that!

Another woman who claims to be “79 and holding” is a red-headed ball of sunshine. She has so many jokes and puns. When she’s talking there’s always a need to internally say “wait for it… wait for it…” and then out comes a funny punch line. She’s almost twice my age and her mind moves about twice as fast as mine. I’m taking lessons on how to exude beautiful radiance from her!

In addition to the writing, another leap of faith I took this year was to seek life-giving freelance projects. Similar to my experience with the writing groups, I’ve carved a niche with women in their 40’s and beyond who are living their passion through their vocation. For example, one client is a 60+ year old cross-cultural spiritual guide and published author; another client is a 50+ professional trainer; and a third client is a 40+ social media guru (and published author). My marketing and business development background makes it possible for me to help these awesome ladies to take their dreams to the next level. Pretty cool stuff!

Each of these women are movers and shakers in their fields. None of them are playing the “women are weaker” card. Instead, they wear their womanhood as a badge of honor… a force to be reckoned with. Instead of living a status quo life, they challenge themselves daily with “what next”.  Meaning “what can I accomplish next.” They are driving their proverbial trains with all engines a go. That’s how I want to live my life!  Instead of watching other trains speed past, I want to be a conductor on my own train… Overalls and all!  I’m learning to embrace where my tracks are heading – toot! toot! – don’t stand in my way!

I’m so happy that I listened to my inner voice. Through my writing I’ve expanded existing friendships, made new blogging friends, widened my social and professional circle, and my engine is becoming more powerful each day. I guess by living my truth, the right people and situations have surfaced. I have less time and energy to focus on the external train-wrecks around me because I’m so busy keeping my train on my own track.

I guess in some ways my story is now coming full circle… Hmmm… it’s that “both/and” proposition… Life is about finding stillness/peace in the midst of the chaos.

Or as one Bruce Lee once said –

Photo: Pakoo
Photo: Pakoo

Where’s your train headed?

On your way, make sure to kick butt and take names!


© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.


  1. Terrific post! I sometimes feel like you are writing directly to ME. I try to always have my flashlight, but sometimes it’s someone else who shines the light. Thank you for that. I would love to tag along on your next Write On! excursion…..


    1. Peggy, the best part about sharing my story is receiving feedback from women I respect who can relate. It makes me feel like I’m not alone in the universe… and it’s a great reality-check and reminder that we are all inter-connected and that there really is “nothing new under the sun.” Thanks for your comment. I’ll send you the details for WriteOn! You are welcome to join us anytime! Peace to you as we journey onward!


  2. Loved the post. You continue to inspire me with your thoughts, and insights. Like, Peggy I sometimes feel like you’re writing to me and what’s great about that, is the connectedness you manage to create for yourself and others. I’m glad you took a chance and you’re reaping the benefits. I expect this is only the beginning so as you’re driving that train, buckle your seat belt. You’re going to make it a fun ride, for you and all of us. Peace and a lot more light on your journey.


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