Taking the Bull By The Horns

Bull by the horns

I met a gentleman last month at one of my monthly writing groups. In consideration of his privacy, I’ll call him Don. Don’s a nice older gentleman, published author, with an endearing and witty personality. As we began our introductions, Don shared that he was 24 hours post-op for knee surgery. The room ooh’d and ahhh’d at his mobility and strength.

What struck me most about Don was his kneecap.

Just Say No
In a proactive zest for owning life’s outcome, he wrote two letters on his healthy kneecap:
    N – O

Two letters. Very powerful and self advocating.

In this modern day of cutting-edge technology, we sometimes find ourselves in a state of cruise control. You know, sit back, let the experts drive while we mindlessly ride along trusting that we’ll arrive at our destination?

Not Don.

Nope. Don took the bull by the horns and in two letters clearly communicated that his good knee better damned-well be intact when he returned from his temporary anesthesia-induced coma.

I loved that!  What a fabulous reminder that even when our bodies age from wear and tear, we can take the bull by the horns and dictate the outcome (well, at least an outcome that is within our control!).

Don is probably at least 25 years my senior. I appreciated his presence at lunch. He was uplifting, interesting (and interested), accomplished… AND he was fully engaged in life.

When I grow up, I wanna leave that mark when I enter a room.

Sign me up. Where’s the Sharpie?

Image: Sharpie.com
Image: Sharpie.com

How are you taking the bull by the horns in your life?

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