Warp Speed OR BUST!

Star date, September 16, Two Thousand Thirteen: 1400 Hours.
This is Captain Sandi of the Starship Rhynard…

Do you ever feel that life is moving at full throttle? Kind of like a sci-fi warp speed?

Photo: Emin Okkol
Image: Emin Okkol

In my best attempt to slow down and breathe, some days are just too hectic for those introspective and quiet moments.

Over the past 8 weeks, my freelance work has been gaining momentum. I have a wide variety of strategic marketing, writing, and biz development coaching projects keeping me very busy. My clients are each living intentional lives, trying to make a difference in their respective market segments, and they work hard every day to bring home their bacon. It’s fun to be part of their professional growth process. Besides, I get to wear my big girl panties, speak about adult things, and earn some money doing so. It’s pretty amazing stuff!

Just relishing "big girl-ness" in the sunshine.
Just relishing “big girl-ness” in the sunshine.

On another front, my home life is reaching critical mass with two kids in two different school districts (about 30 miles apart), my husband’s job is about 40 miles from home, and my clients are all around town. I drive a carpool twice per week. Add a few extra-curriculars to the mix and it can make for some pretty intense insanity! (read: padded room, straight-jacket) There are days we start at 5 a.m. and are lucky if we are home for our 9 p.m. bed time. Some weeks seem more stressful than others. However, it’s mostly really great opportunities that make up our life. Truly, our cup runneth over.

Here's proof... the cup is literally running over!
Here’s proof… the cup is literally running over!

But the pace… Sometimes the pace is grueling.

So, I mentioned recently that I have a new bike. She’s a Day Six recumbent and I love her very much! My husband has also unleashed a new passion for riding his bike this summer. We recently committed to sneaking out for a “date ride” once per week. Living in Colorado allows us to pick different routes with varying degrees of cardiovascular challenge. Our goal is to ride as fast and furious as we can for about 2 hours. It’s our attempt at brightening the dark days of marriage

With our heart pumping, blood flowing, hair flying, and bodies sweating, we feel alive, in touch, and connected to each other and our environment. After 21 years of marriage, it provides a new adrenaline rush and we enjoy our time together. I guess you could say that riding allows us to experience “warp speed” on our own terms. Actually, the faster we pedal, the more that times seems to slow down…

As the scenery rushes past in a blur, we sort through our challenges, discuss finances, ponder our faith journey, and negotiate upcoming responsibilities of who needs to be with which kid on what date and when… somehow tackling the madness together, as we pedal as fast as our legs will allow, makes it all seem do-able.

We are in the throws of a hectic life. Just about when I want to holler “beam me up Scottie,” it’s time for our date ride. Somehow going warp speed helps balance out all the madness and gives us the perspective needed to make it through another chaotic week.

As my fingers punch the keyboard to write this blog post, I’m also catching my breath from a 30 mile ride that we just completed…

I guess this is a cliche moment… if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  Meaning = our best attempt to slow down is to go as fast and as far as we can to catch up…with each other. Hey, I say “Whatever works! Ya simply gotta do, whatcha gotta do!”

How are things spinning in your world?


© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.


  1. I love this post! There are many bicyclists that say the same things… I know I can claim that. Most rides, the more I work the body, the quieter the mind gets and it ends up being very zen… We all need zen time, especially these days, when, like you guys, we seem to run at 100 MPH all the time.


  2. Great posting, love the pace you are keeping, or at least reading about it. We are back into g’kids school mode, volunteering at the SOM/Anschutz/mentoring/traveling. We all miss you at the Ridge. My trek to Grand Staircase with 15 other seasoned hikers was amazing. Photos on Facebook where you can see them.

    John P. Moyer MD Professor of Pediatrics University of Colorado School of Medicine Children’s Hospital of Colorado john.moyer@ucdenver.edu 303-697-4997 Morrison, CO 80465



  3. I can’t imagine keeping the pace you’re living. We too have rediscovered the joy of bikes! We don’t chat as we ride but from time to time we try to enjoy a nice latte in the middle 🙂


  4. I enjoy reading about how you manage it all and especially how you keep your marriage healthy and connected. You’re an inspiration, and now that I have another child on the way, I try to remember this post when I get to those days when the juggling act seems impossible and time will seem to pass all too quickly.


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