Sweet Sobriety


This post is dedicated to my friend Heather. She’s a minion-loving, hardworking, loving, caring and SOBER friend. This post on her Facebook page struck a chord. It’s a universal ode to a life of gratitude. With her approval, I’m reposting it here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Tomorrow marks a 1 year journey. 365 days will have passed since I last drank. Everyone has a different path they choose to quit. Some attend meetings, seek counseling, or utilize prayer; and I don’t poo poo any of those. We are individuals and have to find what works best for us. For me the choice to change was easy. Do I want a fruitful and less painful existence? Or would I rather die in my sleep of alcohol poisoning. It really was that serious and it really was that eye-opening.

The path I chose was to find gratitude. I had to make a conscious decision to be positive. I had to learn that the only thing I have control over are my choices. I had to choose how to feel, how to start each day, how to act and react. The biggest choice I had to make was whether or not to accept myself for who I am today. Not who I once was and not who I aspire to be. I had to learn how to love myself. My wrinkles, my weight, my attitude and my everything.

The funny thing is, I had (still have) so much going for me, but I couldn’t see it. I have a great job and loving work family. They fully supported my retreat and I never had to worry if I’d lose my job. I also have the most amazing friends and family. YOU have encouraged me when I’m down or feeling weak. YOU have celebrated milestones with me along the way. Some of you have even shared that you are encouraged by me. Those are my very favorite. I’ve never been a good example before and that is an amazing feeling!

Thank you. You will never fully understand how much your support has gotten me here.

Heather Dee

Reading from many angles, there are snippets of knowledge for all the roles we play…

For the Addict – whatever binds, you have it within yourself to be free. Loose the chains and live to your full potential today. If you need help, it’s time to ask for it. Take that step and make a change. You have a unique path and you don’t have to conform to a script.

For the Friends/Family – speak your truth in love. Set clear boundaries. Keep yourself healthy AND when possible, wipe the brow of your friend who needs you during this rough time. Your love and care are sowing seeds that will blossom down the road. Trust in the process and celebrate the small wins – every day. Watch in awe as your loved one takes flight. It really is magic.

Serving of Humble Pie: Addiction comes in many forms. Don’t stand in judgement of the alcoholic… everyone has a vice: food, religion, spending, drugs, work, fame, sex…

What holds you hostage? Could living a life of gratitude set you free?

We all have a story… Heather, thanks for sharing yours!
Congrats on 365 days of Sweet Sobriety!!!

© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.

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