The Best Christmas Ever!

Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning

As soon as our eyes opened, our toes hit the cold floor. We ran to see what bounty Santa had left for us. Cookie crumbs on an old porcelain dish sat next to an empty glass of milk — proof that the bearded miracle-worker had visited our home. And, to our relief, the container of leafy lettuce and carrots had been licked clean… our special gift to the reindeer who worked so hard to travel the globe in a single night.

"On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixon..."
“On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen…”

While Christmas carols played in the background, we took a deep cleansing breath and allowed the the smell of cinnamon rolls to arouse our holiday senses. Beneath the ornately decorated pine sat an array of boxes with ribbons and bows. Over our shoulder we could see that Saint Nick also filled our stockings to the brim with magical goodness.

Santa knew that more than anything we wanted the newest game system on the market. While many of our friends had enjoyed the latest technology over the past 24 months, we were eager to finally have one of our own. Unlike the older generations, this particular system could track our movements and was more interactive. It arrived with the promise of  broadening our universe – and our play time!

Granted, the present had a meticulously hand-written tag from Santa to our kids. Being an enlightened old fellow, he knew that the kids wanted the ground-breaking Wii system more than anything. However, we felt entitled… after all, my husband and I were hard working adults with adult stress like a mortgage, car payments, jobs and all the other grown up responsibilities that come with parenting 2 children.

We begged the kids to let us use their fresh out-of-the-box Wii system. Our first order of business was Guitar Hero. I stepped up to the drums while my hubby strapped on the bass guitar. After fumbling through a series of hair band tunes from the 80’s, we settled in on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

Rock on!
Rock on!

Oh the adrenaline rush! With our Christmas-morning bedhead and festive PJ’s, we rocked the house. The kids were patient with us, for the most part. However, after about 3 hours of shushing them into the other room, my daughter – 9 at the time – stepped in front of the television to get our attention. With her hands on her hips she announced that it was time for us to allow someone under the age of 35 to play with the Wii.

What a killjoy…. She’s the most grounded one in our house. Her common sense will serve her well in this world.

With this intense proclamation, my hubby and I realized that it was probably time to start the Christmas clean up, fix some lunch, and allow the kids to play with their Christmas present.

Yup, this is one of my favorite Christmas memories. We nailed it for sure! That Wii got more play over the years than any other gift has since.

No matter what, we’ll always have Christmas 2008!

May the joy of giving come back to you in spades this holiday season!

© 2013, The Musing Maven, all rights reserved.

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