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Trump Is President

The results are in… Trump is president. I’ve had about 30 hours to process what this means, and how it impacts my dream of America.

Having said that, this post is dedicated to my Trump supporting friends who have so aptly reminded me that, as Americans, we have the right to vote how we wish. I’ve read many Facebook posts regarding “the votes are counted… let’s move on with life… don’t take it so personal… pull up your panties and move on.”

American thumb up

At the same time, this post is also dedicated to my friends who vehemently oppose everything that Trump stands for. You know, stuff that wasn’t spun by the media, but actually spoken from his own lips?? I won’t waste an ounce of white space on those comments. I’ll let you run an internal movie replaying his “greatest hits” on humanity. (Read: hits on humanity)

To My Trump-Voting Friends:

I say, you are right, in part. It is time for me to pull up my big girl panties. And, move on, I will. But it won’t be “business as usual.” No, too much is at stake. What I say to you is this, I accept (don’t read or assume that means “respect”) your vote. I accept the results of this democratic process.

After reciting several iterations of the serenity prayer, I realize that I must accept what is outside of my control. I can’t control this outcome.


My panties are pulled up, and I’m poised in an acceptance mode. Do you like what you see? Do these panties make my butt look big? Is my hair ok? Do I look better from this angle? Good. Good. Glad we were able to settle that.


Collage of my personal metaphor for “Big Girl Panties”

As I stand in “Big Girl Panty” mode, please understand that I’ve accepted it. Well, I’m in the process of learning to accept it. Give me time.

I’m not a football girl, but I expect it will take me at least as long to come to terms with this as it does for fans of the losing team to shake off their pain and anger after a big Super Bowl loss. My team lost. Big. As in, we got our asses kicked. And, quite honestly, it hurts.

You voted.


I mentioned that I’m moving on… the American way… but that doesn’t mean it will be “business as usual.” In the past, I’ve kind of kept my political voice quiet when it came to social media or in “mixed” company. I accept am working on accepting your Trump vote. I’m also warming up my voice. That being said, please expect to hear my opinions on things like:

  • Freedom of Speech (for starters)
  • Women’s Rights (that makes me pro-choice, in case you are wondering)
  • LGBTQ (XYZ123…as the list grows) Rights AND Marriage Equality (yes, I firmly believe that two consenting adults have a right to officially proclaim their love and have it recognized by my government, insurance, and community. And, I’m even ok with PDA’s. If I can lean into my husband’s shoulder at a movie, I strongly feel that the gay couple behind me should have the same right.)
  • 2nd Amendment Rights – in line with where we are TODAY vs. when muskets were the protection weaponry of choice. Gun rights don’t silence my right to speak. Don’t try to tread on my pen and paper, either!

These are the quick highlights.

The government now bleeds red… red coming out of the Senate. Red coming out of the, wherever… Oops, I promised I wouldn’t waste space… must.move.on.

To My Friends Who Vehemently Oppose Everything That Trump Represents:

I implore you, take the time needed to lick your wounds… drown your sorrows… armchair quarterback for a bit… complain loudly, stomp your feet, shake the rafters, eat gallons of ice cream, and cry yourself to sleep in the fetal position. Wimpy Teen

I’ve read many Facebook posts over the past two days from strong friends who are deeply shaken. Many are saying that they are pulling off of social media. The pain is just too deep. Again, do what you must to take care of yourself. After all, this shit just got real.

Then, as you are willing and able, please join me. Let’s start the “Big Girl Panty Regime” where we join, united in our unending fight to maintain the liberties that legions of women and men of all races have fought hard to achieve. Talk to your sisters and brothers who are united in this voice. Get off the couch, write your representatives, post your opinions on social media, gather, march… If leading these efforts isn’t your forte, consider looking for organized efforts that you can join.

We have many things of which to be thankful. In fact, I’ve got 14,000 of them in front of me…


That’s right… I’ve got fourteen thousand… and Trump aint gonna be one of them!

With panties pulled high, I’m warming up my voice and figuring out how I can get to work in this great democracy. The United States of America.

The results are in, and we have our work to do.


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Life As We DON’T Know It

I heard the funniest comedian on the radio recently… Of course, his name escapes me, but I literally found myself laughing out loud while driving alone in broad daylight.

Laugh out loud

The skit went something like this…
[East coast male voice…]

“Do you ever wonder what life would be like without the institute of marriage? I mean, let’s face it, it’s big business. In a world where more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, is there another way? And, I have to ask myself where it all started.

If there was no marriage, here’s what an innovator might do:

[Remember while you read that it’s a male comedian w/ east coast accent the whole time… he’s telling what the conversation might be like]

MAN: Hey, we’ve been hanging out a lot and I like it.

WOMAN: Yeah, me too.
MAN: So, I think I wanna go out on a limb and ask you if we can do this thing for the rest of our lives. You know, until we die.


MAN: Come here. Put this on.

WOMAN:  Why?

MAN: Because I want you to wear a long white sheet that costs as much as a used car.

WOMAN: Who’s that?
MAN: It’s a priest.

WOMAN: Why is he here?

MAN: He’s gonna witness this agreement you are making… that you agree to stay with me until we’re dead.  Here, take this.

WOMAN: What is it?

MAN: It’s a gold ring. I want you to wear it so that everyone who sees it will know that you made a binding agreement and will stick with me until you die.

WOMAN: Why are we doing this?

MAN: It’s good for our taxes.

WOMAN: Okay?  So, what’s that?

MAN: It’s a cake. With plastic dolls… that look like us… Wanna taste it?

Anyway, the skit went on for a while longer. What I enjoyed most was how this comedian challenged his audience to consider, if even for a moment, some of the traditions that our culture blindly participates in. So much of our everyday life is simply out of habit… What would life be like if we weren’t on auto pilot checking things off our proverbial to-do lists?
Pink Panther
While I’m on the topic…The Book of Mormon came to Denver last month and I had the awesome pleasure of attending one of the sold-out shows. On the surface, the message is an over-the-top judgement on the Mormon faith. However, if you look past the foul language and 2 foot foam phallic symbols (not to mention a Mormon elder doing unconventional things to Hitler during his visit to hell…) Anyway, if you look past all the pomp and circumstance, what you have is the story of humanity…

We are all trying to make sense out of this thing called life. Danger seems to lurk in the places where we stop asking questions…

Don't Ask Questions
Side Note: Just to clarify… I fully embrace marriage – after 21 years toting around the ball and chain, I feel entitled to enjoy a good chuckle at the expense of an age-old tradition…

So, Thanksgiving is this week. For many generations now, our people have celebrated by gorging on turkey, potatoes, corn casserole, rolls and pumpkin pie (of course, somewhere in the 60’s green bean casserole worked its way on to our dining room tables).

I’m feeling all mushy and thankful inside.

Pass the yams, please!


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National Ice Cream Day


I started my Sunday (no pun intended) with an email in my inbox from ColdStone Creamery… Today is National Ice Cream Day!

I love ice-cream!


Embrace your inner-child! 

Bring those taste buds alive!

Start by Googling your favorite ice cream shop to see if they have coupons for this wonderful summertime national celebration of the freezy-breezy cool treat.

How will you celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

NOTE TO READERS: take pictures of your creamy creations and share them on the MusingMaven Facebook page. I’d love to see sprinkles, syrups, and creamy smiles with sparkling yumminess!

Spoons Up!