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No Frills Frugality…

No Frills Frugality

Loving what I have, and having what I love… it’s a challenging concept. There is so much that I want… so much that I need!  In reality, I have everything that I need —  food, clothing, shelter, water and clean air. Yet, daily there are reminders of all the things that I should have… bigger home, better car, latest technology, puffier lips, slimmer hips…

So, living in suburbia with a mortgage, cars, activities for the kids, vacation, weekly entertainment, and the wide array of perks to indulge in on a daily basis… How do I get to a place where I am not being over indulgent?

Honestly, I have no clue. I’m just a blogger, mom, and active participant in this over-indulgent culture.  However, through the years, I’ve learned to embrace change through baby steps. Every motion starts with a mental leaning forward… Just as every fire starts from a simple spark, change comes from just one tiny step at a time.

Here are some NO FRILLS steps I’ve taken to embrace FRUGALITY in our home…

  • Family night out at the rec center for some basketball, wallyball, swimming or cardio challenge
    (We pay for the membership anyway… might as well use it!)
  • Having a dinner plan by 2 p.m. Most days this involves simply pulling some form of protein out of the freezer and at least pondering a healthy side dish. Physically taking something out of the freezer tends to save us about $40 bucks on dinner. Not a bad walk across the kitchen…
  • Encouraging our kids to earn their own money by doing extra jobs around the house AND THEN expecting them to pay for their own entertainment. (Side note: I think being consistent on this is more challenging for me than for the kids. They love feeling empowered to own their budget.)
  • When I get the feeling that the house is getting outdated, stale, old… I do a deep clean. It’s amazing how lifting the dust invigorates our surroundings. My laptop comes in handy to watch movies while I work.  What? It’s still being productive!

YIKES! It’s 2:30 p.m.  I better go pull something outta the freezer!

What are you doing to embrace No Frills Frugality in your life?