Matt Lauer and the End of the World

End of the World
End of the World

I was listening to NPR today. There was a hospital safety expert talking about the increase in super-bugs that could cause a worldwide pandemic (can you say redundant?). Yikes, do you remember back in the 80’s, when we thought that AIDS was going to wipe out civilization? The whole concept is too horrifying to imagine. So, my mind takes me to the lighter side…

However, it does beg the question, “What would I do if the world was ending tomorrow?” Seriously, imagine that you rolled out of bed, turned the television on and heard Matt Lauer reporting on the impending end of the world. What would you do?

If the world’s end were imminent, I would…

  • Let the dishes go and overlook the clutter in my home – no one will know!
  • Hug my kids and tell them to get ready for a great day – we’ve got playing to do!
  • Eat chocolate fondu for breakfast – complete with fruit, angel food cake and anything else that tastes delicious dipped in Ghirardelli chocolate.
  • Take a fast ride in a red, souped up, convertible – wind in my hair. Let the cops catch me if they dare!
  • Picnic up in the mountains, even if it is snowing.
  • Set a rendezvous with all my close family and friends to do a farewell team hug, and celebrate the lives we’ve lived, and the love we’ve shared. After all, it’s been a phenomenal run!
  • Go sprinkler hunting, because I can.
  • Make amends wherever possible, and set the rest free.
  • Spend an hour meditating and embracing peace.
  • Put a top hat on and dance in the street.
  • Send a message in a helium balloon and hope to find it in the ever after.
  • Do a zip line. I have to! It’s on my bucket list.
  • Play red-light, green-light and Mother, May I.
  • Light a bunch of candles, make a huge comfy bed by the fire, and embrace my husband, kids, dog, guinea pigs and lots of stuffed animals.
  • Say a prayer of thanks.
  • Embrace warmth.
  • Embrace peace.
  • Embrace love.
  • Embrace gratitude.
  • Embrace my family.
  • Sleep tight.

What would you do if the world were ending tomorrow?




  1. I would go to the mountains and see God’s glory on this Earth for one more day.. I would hug my family and tell those I loved the most why I love them. I would sing out loud and dance in the rain. I would bake till my heart’s content and give the treats away to the homeless.
    Now I have heard that whatever you would do in this time is where your heart truly lies… Pretty interesting…


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